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"You don't have to be perfect in order to make an impact. You just have to be willing to be used and to move. Move on your ideas. Put some action behind your faith and get going. Choose purpose over perfection every. single. time". - Teresa Renee

Hello there!

I'm Teresa Renee Hunt

Your Life-Makeover Strategist &

Christian Book Coach 

Women of faith, lady leaders, & aspiring authors turn to me when they are ready to strut confidently in the high heels of purpose, push through their hidden pain  so they can walk boldly in their power, & publish their story!

In case you've been connected with me for quite some time, you also know  I have a bonus super power for preparing women for prosperous relationships. *wink wink*

Ooo sounds fancy!



Tell me more about you Teresa..

(Ok, I sure will!)

I teach and empower you to break free of your self-sabotaging habits, pain, and mindsets in order to walk powerfully in purpose, transform your pain into power, and share your passion and story of triumph in your first publication! I believe that you are PURPOSED, and your past, your pain, imperfections, nor your personal insecurities shouldn't stop you from actively living a powerful life in present day! I also believe that you have a story to tell that needs to heard, so I created a program just for your so you can push that "book baby" out! I've combined my experience & expertise, with my ministerial & educational background to create mentorship & coaching programs, virtual classes, live events, and one-on-one support just for you, so that you can be live a Powerful, Purposeful, & Fabulous life!

My Story & How I Got Into Empowering, Teaching, & Equipping Women for a Purposeful Life




As a Christian woman, a leader in the church, someone who women of all ages have looked up to, I secretly believed that I always needed to “have it altogether”.  I ended up being a ‘church girl’ who wore a smile, my make-up was on point, my shoe game was great, but my outer appearance served as an internal cover-up.

I was broken. I struggled with guilt. Shame. Regret. I experienced dead-end relationships and multiple heartbreaks. I was empty.  I often compromised my faith, my value, and allowed my emotions to lead me instead of wisdom.

I had low self-esteem, experienced sexual assault, and I suffered in silence because I was afraid to speak up. Needless to say, all these things and more contributed to me living a sub par, unfulfilling life. Although I was "successful", I'm talking about I had good grades, a good career, a bachelor's degree, master's degree, a pretty face and times a small waist (lol)- I was doubtful, fearful, insecure, and I missed out on many opportunities, simply because I counted my own self out. In short, I was in my own way. I let my past keep me from truly pursuing my what I wanted to do with my future.

You see, I grew up with life and love dreams, and after years of making a mess of my life- I decided some things needed to change, and I, myself, was one of them. I recognized that I needed to make some changes in my mindset, lifestyle, habits, and choices, and I did just that. After renewing and allowing God to redesign my life, I finally transformed  into the "Authentically Awesome & Amazing" women you see  today (that's a phrase on a cute statement tee, by the way! Grab yours here.) Now I coach and mentor others so they can do the same- go from pained to purposed, powerless to powerful, and fearful to fabulous! And this is why I've been coined the "Life-Makeover Strategist".

Amazingly, within a number of months, just like my personal life changed, my love life did too! Girl, would you believe I met and married my husband within one year. Oh, trust and believe, I would not have been ready to a wife had I not begun the journey of transforming life. My journey and process of getting the ring sparked my passion to help singles not only walk in purpose, but prepare for a prosperous love relationship which leads to marriage as well!


As a woman now walking confidently in my purpose and power as an entrepreneur, minister, educator, and someone who is enjoying the wife & mommy life, I understand the importance getting out of your own way and following God's plan for your life, in order to live authentically, and unleash your greatness in the world! I also now know that you can transform your pain into power by BEING REAL and actively working to embrace your authentically awesome and amazing self (flaws and all), while walking in the fullness of who you’ve been created to be, unapologetically.


Those are some juicy deets about me. Now days, I spend my time sparking transformation in women’s lives by equipping them to be transparent, honest, real, and heal, in order to live a free, fulfilled, and powerful life, plus prepare themselves for God-honoring relationships.


Okay, so, speaking of relationships. Remember I told you above that I had experienced plenty of bad ones, lol. Do you also recall how I mentioned you can turn your pain into power? Well, I did this by writing and publishing a book for single ladies titled, Positioned To Be Found: How To Prepare Yourself For Marriage Right Now. It's a book that I wrote which helps women know their worth, establish boundaries, overcome soul ties, recognize true love, and it ultimately helps them become better women before becoming wives! In this book I pour out everything from biblical wisdom to my crazy choices and choice of men to practical steps which prepares women for a God-honoring relationship that leads to the ring. And guess what? The book released in 2015 and became an Amazon # 1 Best Seller within the first 2 days of its release, AND it remains a best-seller today! 

I recently released a 2nd book in January 2018! And you guessed it right!

Another Best-Seller! (Oh yes, you can do it too, and I can teach you how to write and publish your book the right way; plus how to get your manuscript done in 60 days). The book is a 365-day journal titled the Focused Faith Journal. Because I recognize that being a purposeful and powerful woman is only possible when we seek and glorify God in all that we do, I created the Focused Faith Journal in order to promote intimacy and consistency in your relationship with your God. For sure, this journal will boost your faith walk!









One of my favorite scriptures in the bible is Psalm 51:10. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. It is through this scripture that the name of company was developed. I am the founder of Truth2RenewHearts Enterprises, LLC which is a life-enrichment & educational firm which houses the services, speaking, events, and courses that I offer. In June 2017, I launched Truth2RenewHearts Publishing, an imprint and self-publishing consultancy where we work alongside aspiring authors so they can publish the book in their heart, and share their truth with the world. Ready to write your story? You can get started here.