Let's Work


Through my publishing consultancy, Truth2RenewHearts Publishing, my team and I will coach you through the writing process and publish your book!

Private coaching

Through my signature 8-week private coaching experience Birth Your Book Bootcamp you will get the step-by-step support, strategy, and accountability you need to write your book in record time!

book me to speak

So, you're hosting an event and need a speaker? I get it. You don't want a boring, talking head, but someone who will be captivate the audience, move them to action, be relevant, and leave a lasting impact. Look no further, here's your speaker! Upon sharing your vision, I will customize the experience so your audience will leave changed and ready to walk in their power and purpose in their unique way. 


Are you struggling to write your book because you're unsure how to piece all of your ideas together?  Are you ready for guidance and insight which will transform your approach to writing?


Let's develop a strategic plan for your book content that will increase your overall clarity and position you to write with not only passion, but with focus.