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A peek into my life! I've peeled the layers back..Here's my Naked Truth (My Story)

That MOMENT you decide you ARE'll finally take the LEAP! Nothing's TOO big or too small!

God slammed the door in my face, but I still have joy! 3 BENEFITS to expect when God says "NO".

Let's talk about Sex baby..let's talk about...:-) Dealing with Sexual Temptation and... the BIG "M"! Here we go!

TOP 3 reasons why some CHURCH WOMEN remain STUCK at their PURPOSE PROPHESY and dont see the PROMISE + How to OVERCOME

God said..One time ain't enough.We can experience VICTORY with these 3 steps!

3 Things Singles Should Know Before Saying "I Do". Addressing a few marriage misconceptions..let's shine some TRUTH in this area. 

Many say there is PURPOSE in your PAIN, and God will turn your pain into power BUT how do you UNLEASH that purpose POWER? Tune in for 3 power moves that will change your life, plus TRANSFORM others!