But first, let's talk about what's really

going on in your life. 

So, You know God has great plans for your life, you're desiring success, you want to impact the world with your gifts, and to finally manifest your vision, BUT, at the same time something is holding you back from that reality in its complete fullness. If you're honest, Fear is a biggie. Your Mindset is too, and possibly your Past. Sometimes you even dwell on your Imperfections. You cover up your Personal Insecurities so well by doing "things", being busy, and though you stay styled "to the nines" from head to toe, others would be surprised to know that YOU are holding yourself back. You've realized even with your many "hats", titles, and positions, you still dim your light, true purpose, and passion. Aren't you ready to FINALLY be FREE to walk POWERFULLY as the woman of God you've been created to be? Isn't it time to choose the high road of PURPOSE in your personal life and embrace PROSPEROUS relationships in love instead of settling for less than your unique best? Don't you think it's time for you to choose PROGRESS over "perfection" so you can truly live an abundant life?  I do! It's your time to shine!


Now, let me say this, I get it. I totally understand. Just a few years ago, I was right where you are.  But after getting tired of sitting on my greatness and watching other people glorify God with their gifts while I lacked confidence to do the same, I made a life-changing decision. The decision to go ALL in and be ME- authentically and "awesomely". That one choice shifted my life and I've been able to redefine my life experiences, renew my mind, and walk powerfully in my calling. Now, women of faith, lady leaders, and aspiring authors turn to me to do the same. You definitely can OVERCOME your personal hindrances so that you can strut CONFIDENTLY into the reality of your dreams & divine assignment. I'm here to partner with you so that you can! It's essential that you have accountability, support, and strategy. We are not created to journey to our next level alone. I'm here as your catalyst to catapult you into your Free, Fabulous, and Powerful life!





If you know it's your time to shine you're all for redefining your reality and taking your rightful place as a woman of power, influence, and purpose, then you are in the RIGHT PLACE! I provide transformational strategies, life-enrichment classes, and tools, PLUS teachings from the ultimate guide: the Word of God to equip you on your journey. I don't believe in accidents, but divine appointments. So if this is you, let's do this! And let me tell you, you're not the only one ready to take on your purpose by the reins and ride it out. There's a tribe of Kingdom-minded women who are also striving to live a fulfilled life and make an impact too inside of my private Facebook community, the Empowered Lifestyle Experience.