the business

Truth2RenewHearts Enterprises, LLC is a life empowerment, personal development, educational, firm established by Teresa Renee Hunt, M.Ed.

Truth2RenewHearts Enterprises, LLC is known for its (3) Propelling-Pillars of training, teaching, and life-transformation strategies tailored for women as they prepare and transition into new seasons of their lives.

The company’s mission is to help women have the life, love, and level of success they desire. By offering services such as coaching, consulting, programs, home-study courses, and transformational live-events, clients are equipped and prepared to walk in the reality of their life’s desires.  We specialize in life transformation and relationship empowerment as we provide support, accountability, training, and mentorship to women of all ages.

Truth2RenewHearts is committed to the development of:

  • Women: Professional & Ministry Leaders

  • Girls & Teens

  • Ladies: Singles, Engaged, & Newlyweds

Truth2RenewHearts’ goals are to:

  • Educate and foster personal development & growth

  • Evict pessimistic ideals, mindsets, and habits

  • Evoke internal and lifestyle transformation and renewal

  • Empower women with dignity and purpose

  • Equip women for success in their lives and relationships

Our Vision:

Truth2RenewHearts’ vision is that women experience personal fulfillment as they attain the life, love, and level of success they desire!

Truth2RenewHearts Enterprises offers small/large group seminars, interactive workshops, individual or group mentoring & coaching, tele-seminars & conferences, and programming.